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Models and poses are good, what you need to work on is the lighting, that is what makes or breaks a 3D Render. In the case of the above picture think stage lighting, each of the girls would have their own spot light on them at an angle to make them stand out. The lunar landscape would have a sun with no soft shadows due to lack of air, might have been cool to show a sharp day/night shadow line. Girls need back lit so they stand out from the background more. Maybe have a smokey glass in the windows, here they look empty. Staging wise the lead singer should be forward of the back up singers so I would have pulled back a bit on the camera and moved the Andorian forward a bit. Maybe turn the Andorian slightly front on face views aren't very flattering in models and RL. This is one of the realistic vs artistic things, people don't have perfect symmetry like 3D models (unless you fix that) so flat on viewing can get you in the uncanny valley. Okay think I nit picked enough.

I really like the clothing choices, gives each their own personality, poses are fluid and look like this was a snapped photo of motion.
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