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I realized today I have not posted a morph picture in a very long time and have been slow to make them, well not really that slow, I have a BIG back log of morphs on my HD.  Problem was I was stuck working on morph 129-morph 136.  They weren't just up to posting quality yet and I'd open them up, fiddle with them, still not be happy, sometimes closing them up unchanged or having 6 versions of crap,  Well today I took my Damnittol and faxed all of those morphs to the ozone layer.  All that shitty work is gone, gone I tell you and I am FREE!  So now morphs will be coming on regular basis now and I am setting time limits on how long I will work on one before I yell FAIL and toss it in the trash.
Karloon Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2016
Sometimes I think I need to trash a couple of stories I'm on. but RL has so much for me to do, taking a vacation would be a good idea. if I had some one/place to go.
deuxanges Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2016
Good to hear you are back at it. Sometimes Damnittol is effective, but I have had to resort on occasion to the more effective Fuckitol. :D

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